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GoBoat was founded on a sustainable outdoor experience. We treat our  environment and our community with respect, and do everything we can to improve the cleanliness of the Lake and its surroundings. This basic principle shows in everything from our eco-friendly electric motors (recharged with Green Power), our boats themselves made from recycled plastic bottles and sustainably farmed wood, and our recycled and recyclable food & drink packaging.  You can choose GoBoat with the confidence the only impact you’ll have on the environment is the gentle wake created by your cruise.

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GoBoat began in Copenhagen in 2014, and was created to provide a premium, environmentally friendly social experience out on the water.  We’re all about creating memories, whether you’re just visiting Canberra, or you’re a local who wants to see the city from the Lake like never before.  The GoBoat experience is all about freedom and fun on the water.  By bringing these elements together, we want you to enjoy the freedom of being your own captain (without needing a boat licence), and having fun with your best friends, out on the waters of Lake Burley Griffin like you’ve never been able to before.  The GoBoat team wants you to have a great time and leave with a smile on your face, so we’re always happy to help with any special requests!

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Have you ever thought about why we wave and smile more at each other when we are on the water?  Sailing brings out the best in people, and a sense of community really shines through.  We’ve fallen in love with that, and we think you will too!  At GoBoat, we want to continue this special maritime atmosphere by making the sailing experience available to all. Everyone should experience the sense of freedom at sea, the unique code between sailors and the opportunity to discover and explore the hidden nooks and crannies of Lake Burley Griffin.

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When you rent a GoBoat, you get a unique opportunity for togetherness in diverse and beautiful surroundings. The picnic table is placed centrally in our GoBoats to encourage joyful moments with good food, drink and conversations, while the shores slowly drift by. The silent engines ensure a calm atmosphere, with the stage set for an undisturbed experience.



The GoBoat is a state-of-the-art, Scandinavian designed vessel, which gives you the best possible user experience where the sense of freedom, wellbeing and togetherness are the focal points. The design is characterized by fine lines and rounded edges that invite relaxed social gatherings and interaction with the surroundings.  Constructed by Rand Boats in Europe, and supplied to us by Premier Marine our boats are state-of-the-art, and set the standard for marine design.

The innovative hull of the boat with its wave piercing design guarantees a safe and pleasant trip.